Millennials & Insurance

Are you an indepentent minded millennial?

By Ron Lovell

Millennials and Mass Media Marketing

Millennials overwhelmingly feel they think for themselves and are connected to technology. They are also one of the biggest markets for all kinds of insurance. Put these two facts together and you understand why companies like Geico, Progressive and Esurance are going after them. Geico alone spends a BILLION dollars per year to encourage you to get a quote; "15 minutes could save you..." I will let your mind finish the sentence. By the way, I added the bold/italics because I bought into the ad and went on my computer and got a quote. They were right, I saved a lot of money switching over from State Farm. These ads are seen over 1,000 times according to recent research* by the average millennial and they respond, pouring bucket loads of money into a slick, out-of-town company that does very little to help our local economy. Not only that, a local insurance agent can oftentimes beat Geico by using quotes from multiple companies.

What this means is the "independent minded" millennial is following the same trap set my McDonald's when they bombard little kids to recognize the logo and pressure mom and dad to get them a Happy Meal of they will lose it.
This not only reduces the competition in the insurance industry, but it kills local businesses that pay local taxes and spend much of the money here locally.

Local independent insurance agencies have the latest tech and online quotes, but they also offer personalized service and products best suited to their customer. 

Are you a millennial? Be a rebel. Shop locally when buying insurance and save money at the same time.

*study commissioned by Effective Coverage and performed by ORC International