Top 5 Most Affordable Cars to Insure

Buying a New Car This Year?

Read this first and save on insurance...

If you live in Santa Maria California, you know how much insurance rates vary. Many factors determine the cost to insure a new car in California so we will focus on the latest data which shows some surprising results. If you are thinking about a Honda, good choice. Honda not only has the top spot, but they have three in the top five. Here are the winners for 2017;

1. Honda Fit     2. Ford Fiesta     3. Honda CRV

4. Honda Pilot     5. Mini Countryman

Top 5 Most Affordable Cars
How about the cars to avoid?

Insurance companies take into consideration many factors, but some features definitely drive up the cost to insure by sometimes triple the annual premium for similarly priced cars. Watch out for Luxury-Style-Horsepower. If a car is designed and marketed as a high-performance street legal race car, you will pay for it. SUV's are heavier and ride higher than other vehicles which makes it safer for you, but the damage done to the other vehicle can be greater.

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