Renters Insurance 101

Renting in Santa Maria California?

Many people think their landlord's insurance will help cover the damage to household contents in the event of a fire, flood, theft or other misfortune. Nope. The landlord's insurance only covers the owner's property. If catastrophe strikes, you lose out.

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One of the best things about renters insurance is the cost. Paired with your auto policy, renters insurance is the best value item, with an average cost of only $12-15 per month. This example covers $30,000 of property and $100,000 of liability. There are many reasons to get renters insurance in California, so let's look at what renters insurance normally covers and why you should have it.

Personal Items - Clothes, furniture, electronics. Even items in your car, shed or garage! If your laptop gets stolen our of your car, auto insurance pays for the broken window, but not the missing laptop. That's where renters insurance fills the gaps.

  1. Personal Liability & Medical Payments - Having a party? What happens if someone slips and falls, or breaks their arm in the bounce house? You get sued to cover their medial bills, but renters insurance has you covered.
  2. Additional Living Expenses - Temporary housing can be coverd by renters insurance if you need to move out while the house is fixed or made habitable.
  3. Personal Items While Traveling - You are covered while you are away from home too. Anywhere in the world, your personal items may be covered from damage or theft.
  4. Landlords May Require It - More landlords than ever before are requiring you to have renters insurance and they want to see proof. Tenants that have renters insurance tend to be more responsible and the tenant's policy may shield them from liability.
A quick tip, take a home inventory every year to document what you have. You would be surprised to see how fast the items add up! There is a free phone app too that makes it easier than ever. Find one at or simply print the checklist. I also take a quick video tour of my home contents so I don't miss anything.
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